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Fever - Is a beautiful red & white girl that loved to show. She wanted to be in the ring and loved people to talk to her. She is owned by JoAnne.
Sammi- He always kept me on my toes. He was ready to show even if I wasn’t. Sammi is pictured here winning the 1st award of merit at the American Shih Tzu National held in Atlanta Ga in 2008.
Cruncher – Was a ball of fun to show. He always took me around the ring. He gave big dog alerts when one was close or coming. Owned by Sonya
Tia – Had this beautiful movement that she flew around the ring with her head held high and ready to show everyone how good she was. Owned By David
RJ – Thought life was a party and he had to always be the clown. He never wanted to behave. He did not know what that word meant. He kept me laughing along with almost everyone outside the ring. I never knew what his next trick or step would be. Owned by JoAnne & Debbie
Gracie – Is Pepper sister. I finished her quickly. She was always on in the ring but a lady. She is owned by Donna & Quinto
Pepper- Is always a lady in the ring. Her and her sister Gracie were the ladies in the ring and out. She is owned by Donna & Quinto
Rumor – He loves people and thinks everyone is there to see him. Owned by Debbie